The course MBA (Master of Business Administration) at Harda Degree College is the only course that we designed to build experience, develop socially responsible and skilled managers, master in their organization. The course we designed as that student have knowledge & experience both theory or practical. The course includes theoretical classes, case studies, paid/unpaid internships, learning by events & activities, and lab-based training.

MBA in Marketing Management is the subject of sales & services, promotions, advertising and consumer behavior study.
MBA in marketing educates the students about sales, marketing fields, executive and leadership management skills, consumer trends, market strategies, product management and market research in different industries.


Master of Business Administration MBA is a very valuable degree designed to develop the skills required for business and management careers. The specializations offered in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, IT, Production/Operation. This program provides an enhancement to the participation and contribution of the students to make the learning purposeful and effective.